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With Father’s Day on Sunday, it’s a great time to turn our gaze to the guys. Displaying perfect timing, the menswear shows across Europe are underway. Even though I can’t be there to attend I’m keeping up with photographer Tommy Ton as he documents all the the street style action. Thus far the sartorial looks are super artisanal with great mixes of indigo and pops of color. Hair-wise, the men on the street have taken a page from the ladies and gone softer, trading in military buzz cuts for longer and more textured looks and even some braids. I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks hold. Click through to style notes to see of my favorite street style looks so far. –– Michelle Rotbart

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If you remember the late nineties then you probably remember “The Rachel,” a layered shoulder length cut popularized by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the TV show Friends. For a while it seemed every girl in America was wearing that cut. Rumor had it that it looked great on everyone, but it didn’t. In fact, it looked pretty terrible on a lot of people, and it required a lot of mouse, a big round brush, and some serious styling time to look right. Now we have a new one-size-fits-all cut: the wavy bob. But if you have stick straight hair (or tight curls) beachy waves are a lot of work. And if you are over 30, or have a round face, or aren’t wearing the right makeup, the shape can feel more soccer-mom than super model. If styled wrong it can quickly go from cutely tousled to tangled mess. The pictures above provide some of my least favorite celebrity versions. Click the style notes to see more questionable examples. –– Laura Martin

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Since you wear it every day, it’s easy to forget that your hair is part of every ensemble. Picking the right hairstyle can tie an outfit together; picking the wrong one can ruin it. It’s all about proportion and balance. Sleek, tailored clothing pairs well with volume; complex ‘dos go well with simple clothing styles. Click the notes for easy to follow guidelines and examples. –– Laura Martin

Happy young woman getting a new haircut. Beautiful young hairdresser giving new haircut to female customer at parlor

Have you been to a stylist, heard what they had to say, and then totally disagreed? Most people have experienced this awkward moment; we have our own perceptions of our own image, and it’s hard to agree with someone who says the look you’re wearing is dated and dull, or that the look your dreaming of is unsuitable. Whether you want to believe them or not, a good stylist is an expert on image, fashion, and style, and their knowledge can inspire a positive change in how you present yourself to the world. There are two times you should always listen to your hairstylist. Click the notes to find them out. –– Kelly Rowe

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