From the daily archives: "Friday, July 3, 2015"

Frizzy Hair_180

What do you do when you’re out and about and your flashy look flops? This eternal question has been bugging women and girls for eons. Add in one of the biggest Holidays of the year and you can bet someone will be in a fret when their waves wilt, curls collapse, or style spins out of control. When that happens, give them these four tips. . . .

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“Air-drying,” “natural texture,” “tousled waves.” These buzz words, and many like them, make modern hairstyle trends casual and carefree. It’s also makes roller setting seem time-consuming, old-fashioned and frumpy. But not only can a roller-set give you smoother texture, bigger curls and bouncier body, it can last and last and last, so, after the first day, all you have to do is brush it into your favorite style, rather than re-wash and air-dry all over again. Imagine that –– spend 45 minutes setting, and then you won’t have to worry about your hair again all Holiday weekend, while your friends will be raging jealous of your independently beautiful style. Get some tips in the notes.
beachy fourth styles
The Fourth is here. It’s time to celebrate. Whether you’re by the beach or the BBQ, your ensemble should be Americana personified –– red, white, and blue, bold and big, and beachy, tousled, flowing in the wind hair! Find out how to get your own independent beach styles in the notes.