From the daily archives: "Thursday, July 9, 2015"

Summer portrait of young attractive  woman with sunglasses

Have you ever thought that summer is the best season for hair? Probably not. It gets a bad wrap. More than likely, you think summer is the worst season for your strands because you are fighting frizz. You are not alone; loads of women dread the steamiest times of the year for the same reason. It’s time to stop loathing muggy days and start loving them because they are great for your hair. Click the notes for a 180 on humidity. –– Kelly Rowe

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Paul Merritt is a British editorial and celebrity stylist who works with Jennifer Lawrence and other A-listers. Splitting his time between London and New York, he now takes clients once a week at ARROJO NYC. To announce himself to New York’s creative community, he created a new editorial, Black Light. Taken from the collection, this image inspires us for the contemporary shape and form, and for the remarkable cotton candy texture–– which looks as light as air. Read Paul’s thought’s about this look in the notes.

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Fairies live and floral crowns have all but wilted at the Couture Fall 2015 show for Atelier Versace. For the collection, Donatella sent out a parade of nymphets in ethereal pieces inspired by the flora and fauna of the woods. I was hoping floral crowns would wane and remain wasted away this season. However, I’m certainly willing to accept the return of the bohemian headwear if it means beaded and uber chic crowns paired with natural texture like those see on the runway. This look is all ready for the fall equinox. Click through to style notes to see some of my favorite looks. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Persimmons are lovely, sweet and delicate. They’re also tricky. Like a perfect copper-red a persimmon can be too intense if overdone, or flat and astringent if under-processed. But get it right and it’s well worth the effort. Blending and layering three similar hues gives just the right effect. Get application tips and professional formulas for this sweet, fruity hue in the style notes. –– Laura Martin