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Beach days, garden parties, and outdoor concerts are just a few of the reasons you need a signature hat this summer. Keeping you cool and sun protected while adding style, the summer hat is a must. Whether your look is girly or tomboyish, vintage or contemporary there’s a cap that’s your perfect match. Click the notes to learn more about finding your best-ever hat. –– Laura Martin

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There’s something magically alluring about the idea of an ethereal being, whether it’s the ghostly aspect or that they seem not of this world. And with the current interest in fairytales in entertainment, it’s no surprise that couturiers were inspired by spirits this season. From the delicate floral wreaths serving as an anchor for the nymph-like gowns at Atelier Versace to the gilded accessories and low-slung plaits see at Elie Saab and Valentino, ethereal hair styles is a look we’ll see continue through upcoming seasons. For more inspiration, click through to style notes.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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wedding hair
You’re probably going to a wedding or two this summer. When it comes to weddings, achieving the right balance with hair and makeup can be tricky. Weddings are often daytime affairs, both formal and conservative. That means subtle, natural makeup, but what does it mean for hair? Too often wedding hairstyles are stuffy, perfectly coiffed mounds of curls or shiny chignons. These are classic styles, but when paired with conservative gowns and makeup the result can look stuffy and outdated. Thankfully the solution is simple: just mess it up. Learn more in the style notes. –– Laura Martin 
blue hair
The latest trend in pastels are faded, grungy blues. These shades are grittier than pale pinks and purples. They evoke the ocean, but they also have a dirty, lived in vibe. This look is the color equivalent of bedhead; a hue that appears to have naturally faded instead of one that looks intentionally created. Click the style notes for steps to creating the color. –– Laura Martin