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Colored by Gina Arrojo, cut and styled by Amanda Jenkins, we love this high fashion, attention-grabbing style. Using a combination of inspirations, from African culture to the texture of textiles to modern street wear, the finished style offers much to enjoy –– beaded bangs, complex colors, cascading shapes, effortless beauty. Learn more about how this trending color was created in the notes.

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chanel brunettes
After looking over the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2015 collection it’s clear that Karl Lagerfeld is into brunettes. There were 67 looks this show and not one was a blonde, not even a bronde! All the models strutting down the casino-themed catwalk wore the same jet-black, bobbed wigs cut on a very dramatic angle. Could this be a swing in the dark direction? I’m certainly for it! With the Fashion Kaiser’s seal of approval I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more brunette bobs on and off the runway this upcoming season. Click through to style notes to see some of my favorite looks.  –– Michelle Rotbart


Berries are great on their own but when combined they take on added complexity and depth of flavor that makes a mixed berry tart, scone, or cobbler something more than a single berry variety. This color operates on the same principle, combining multiple cool red hues to create a new, complex hue. The colors are similar so the end result isn’t about being able to pick out individual tones; it’s about what happens when these colors combine into something new, sweet, and juicy. Get the formulas for this lovely blend, and tips on applying them, in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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color matching

You wear your hair color every day so it can be easy to forget that’s it’s always part of your color palette. This trend calls attention to your chosen hair color by matching it to your ensemble. Chose a monochromatic dress in the same hue as your tresses or try matching a single piece, like pants or shoes, for a subtler version of the look. Matching your hair and clothes creates a polished, pulled-together effect that will flatter your skin and show off your strands. Learn more about creating the look in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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