From the daily archives: "Sunday, July 19, 2015"


Lots of products come with suggested uses on the bottle. For most people these directions will work great and produce the desired results. However, products do not have to be used exclusively how they are marketed and you can have a lot of fun discovering how to use products in all sorts of different ways. This experimenting will help save your budget by making your products multi-use. Click the notes for a few products I have off-label uses for. –– Kelly Rowe

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Portrait of beautiful young smiling girl with luxuriant hair curling. Health and Beauty.

“Perm” seems like an evil word to say nowadays; I think the ‘80s has given everyone a paranoia about it. The truth is perms are awesome and it was just the bad styling and the overly curly looks of the ‘80s that give perms a bad rap. Perms have also evolved to be gentler on the hair allowing better styling options or services without the risk of damage. Click the notes for all the info. –– Kelly Rowe

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