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food and hair

Let’s be honest, we all want great hair. When it’s working in our favor, it gives us star-level confidence. Sadly though, when it’s doesn’t it makes us not want to leave our beds. For all the attributes that we lust for—volume, shine, thickness and frizz free strands we strictly adhere to a regimen of proper cleansing, condition and styling, but let’s not forget that our nutrition can also make a big difference. Our hair is directly affected by what we eat. Think you’re getting all the right vitamins and nutrients for great hair? Click through to style notes to learn six essentials that should be on your plate. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Updos serve a variety of functions from keeping hair out of your face at the gym to adorning a formal dress at a wedding, but few looks work at both ends of the updo spectrum. This look is a rare exception. This braided faux hawk has enough structure to work at the gym, is simple enough for the office, and has wind-blown romance perfect for a date or a wedding. Get step-by-step instructions for creating this highly adaptable style in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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It all started with a book called Curly Girl which told women with textured hair that shampooing daily was drying out their strands. From there it evolved to no-poo, co-washing, and trending looks for second and third-day hair. We heard about the evils of surfactants and the wonders of dry shampoo. But after lots of trial and error some of us have gone back to daily washing. Why? I’ll tell you all about it in the notes. –Laura Martin 

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