From the daily archives: "Thursday, July 23, 2015"

coconut oil and fresh coconuts

Coconut oil is the IT hair product right now; it’s used for everything from hair masks, to conditioners, to smoothing treatments. So, how could you start to dislike this miracle product? Actually pretty easily and before you know it you may be hating it. Click the notes to see my story. –– Kelly Rowe

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Half up styles combine the comfort and chicness of an updo with the soft youthfulness of loose styles. The looks shown here add interest to the basic half-up style with a bit of braiding. These two styles are surprisingly similar, but they show how small changes in texture and product usage can have a big impact. The look on the left feels bohemian and soft while the version on the right feels polished and glamorous. Learn to create both variations in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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rainbow color

Maybe we’re all loving rainbows in support of the recent supreme court decision on gay marriage. Maybe we’re inspired by all the beautiful produce that’s in season, or summer sunsets, or fireworks. Whatever the reason it seems that rainbow hair is making a comeback. We’re seeing lots of variations: entire heads covered in layers of vibrant color and muted spectrums painted through ends. Part of me loves seeing these playful looks and part of me longs for the days of more subtle palettes. What do you think? Are you loving or hating the rainbow trend? Click the style notes for more examples. –– Laura Martin

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