From the daily archives: "Friday, July 24, 2015"

flower crown

The Resort Runways are great for hair. Spring and Fall Fashion shows prefer to keep hair off the face, lest it take real estate from the clothes, but Resort has a carefree vibe, one that allows designers to be more liberal, styling tresses like how the trendy girls want to wear them. Atelier Versace captures the mood with these ethereal flower crowns. Paired with loose rock and roll waves, it’s an otherworldly look for vacations and weekends away. Learn how to make it in the notes.

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We all love to do the great hair strut; it feels so good, hair swishing in the breeze. Unfortunately, in summer, that’s more of a dream than a reality. Humidity makes the hair want to expand, which makes it frizz. As a nice little kicker, it often gets stringy and limp as well. How do we beat these hair-vexing effects. Click the notes to find out.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.15.57 PM

It’s time to pack up your ombre and head home. Over the last few years, women and girls have not only adopted the multi-toned color trend, they’ve gone for ever brighter and bolder combinations in an effort to be fairest ombre of them all. All that’s irrelevant now because The Hair Color Expert recently posted this picture of herself wearing an unbeatable color melt that takes in tones from dark purple to lavender to turquoise. Aside from the remarkable application, we love how these tones bring warmth to the skin, making it dewy and vibrant. Including the color formula, there’s an explanation of how this was done, and some before and after pictures, in the notes.

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