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happy young woman at hair salon

Conditioning treatments are sold in every salon as in-salon treatments and take home products; there are many home recipes and so-called “miracle” ingredients, but how beneficial are these products really? Conflicting reports about what products to use and how often can have you wondering if these treatments are really beneficial at all. Click the notes for the pro lowdown. –– Kelly Rowe

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Image 7-30-15 at 2.04 PMNo matter where you come from, if fashion runs in your blood then the sartorial sensibilities of Europeans surely tops your style inspiration boards. Europe is peerless in the world of fashion. Some of histories biggest trends –– power dressing, well-tailored and structured suits, mod, punk, ornate hair pieces –– had their debut on this turbulent continent. And still today, fashionistas from around the globe look to London and Paris Fashion Week runways for cues on couture and beauty fads. If you aspire to European flair and verve, here are five hairstyles that make the cut this season, and always.–– Karishma Sehgal 

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I can’t get enough of sexy, laid-back, cool hair. The I just rolled out of bed look seems to come naturally to fashionistas and models, but for the rest of us sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to look so perfectly imperfect. If you’re like me, your forever trying every technique in the book to perfect this look. After much practice, I have just the right tutorial for you to get it. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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barren landscapes
As a colorist I’m always looking for new palettes and designs. I find ideas in all sorts of places: flowers, fabrics, landscapes. Recently I came across this collection of desert landscapes by Guy Tal. The color combinations and patterns are surprisingly lush: neutrals and brights, swirled and layered. Click this style notes to see more of his beautiful images and hairstyles that capture the same color, mood, or texture. You can also see the entire collection “Sometimes, In The Desert…” here –– Laura Martin