From the daily archives: "Wednesday, August 5, 2015"

reem acra

Lately I’ve been into messy braids, but was having a hard time figuring out how to make them just a bit more posh. Inspiration struck when I saw the above photo from the Reem Acra Bridal 2016 show. I loved the nymph effect created by all the jewels, but didn’t want such a princess look. I went on the hunt to find some runway worthy accessories and was able to score some beautiful pins at a vintage boutique. The dainty yet not quite princess pins were the chic factor to my hippie meets runway braid. Care to try on a similar look? Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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long hair tricks

For many women long hair is a frustration and a fantasy. The idea of long flowing strands is enchanting, but the reality of frizzy, lifeless tangles is maddening. For women with fine hair, length makes it impossible to achieve volume. For women with coarse hair, length means dry ends and unruly texture. With curls, long strands can look triangular; with straight hair, length can feel limp. But all of these challenges can be overcome with just three simple tricks. Learn them in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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french roast brunette

Coffee has long been used by brunettes as a description of their perfect color, but like most brown things coffee has many varieties ranging from light and fruity to dark and chocolatey. This shade is ultra dark and rich like a good french roast. There’s no gold here, just a rich, roasted shade that’s deep, dark, and bold. Click the notes for the professional formulation and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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