From the daily archives: "Tuesday, August 11, 2015"

princessy hair

As little girls, many of us loved the idea of princesses––my favorite film is actually The Princess Bride. Even as an adult I still find an allure to fairytale inspired beauty done right. Lately, I’ve noticed the princess-inspired hair trend go mainstream. Today’s princesses are a combination of feminine and romantic with a bit of modern cool thanks to effortless texture and mussed-up details. I’m ready to rock this look, are you? Click through to style notes to learn how to emulate a look that says hot and ready princess, not frigid priss. –– Michelle Rotbart

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came from when?

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of vintage fashion and I’m always surprised to see how current trends looked in past eras. For example, check out the wavy bob pictured above. Worn by Norma Shearer in1936, it doesn’t look much different than the wob styles trending now. Pastel colors, pixies, and milkmaid braids aren’t as new as you might think. Click the style notes to learn about the surprising origins of your favorite looks. –– Laura Martin

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Hair Shampoo

Making products do double the work can help your budget and make choosing product while getting ready less of a challenge. Products are extremely versatile and it’s just about figuring them out and how they work in your hair. Click the notes for a general guide when choosing products you can use more ways than one. –– Kelly Rowe

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