From the daily archives: "Wednesday, August 19, 2015"
sarah hyland
Sarah Hyland’s bubbly demeanor is perfect for the fluffy frills of the Teen Choice Awards. Pictured on the red carpet of Sunday’s soiree, the Modern Family star stole the show with an artfully ruffled, side-parted bob featuring a trendy micro braid to accentuate the asymmetrical face frame. Her look is ideally suited to barmy, end of summer nights on the town. Steal it in the notes.

topsy tail

Remember the topsy-tail you used to rock as a little girl? I certainly do, and I let that look fall to the back of my closet along with my denim overalls. But like the overalls, which are actually back in style, the topsy tail is looking much more modern this time round. It actually adds a nice hint of texture and visual interest to your pony, and if you do it right, it looks beyond chic. Ready to try this look on? Click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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To some extent, fashion has always reflected economic and cultural disparity. In ancient Rome only noble women dyed their hair red while poor women wore theirs dark. In the middle ages the wealthy wore towering headdresses while commoners kept their tresses covered with wimples or wore them in simple braids. But for the last century or so hair trends have equalized a bit. In the twenties, women both rich and poor wore swing bobs; In the sixties, everyone was teasing and spraying to create the beehive. But lately the media has been giving a lot of coverage to looks that are hard to pull off at a conservative nine-to-five. Trends like rainbow hair, undercuts, and big, wild texture don’t work at the office. Is Capital fashion a fantasy or our future? Click the style notes to learn more. ––  Laura Martin

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Mashable, Refinery29, and even Business Insider have proclaimed the end of the beard trend, but there are still quite a few men walking around with serious facial hair. It’s sort of like when the industry declared the end of pastel hair, or ombre. It seems that people are no longer willing to let go of their signature look just because the fashion industry says it’s out. We can all tell when a trend begins, but where it ends, no one seems to know. And when it comes to beards, some men simple look better with them, and know it. Click the notes for some of my favorite examples. –– Laura Martin

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