From the daily archives: "Sunday, August 23, 2015"

Young fit woman excecising ingym

Are you a fit chick? Fitness is super in right now. If you are anything like me you love working up a sweat with some weights and a treadmill and the great feeling that comes afterwards. Like all things, though, no good comes without something bad. All those sweaty gym sessions mean lots of steamy showers, and those are great for fading hair color. Click the notes for how to preserve your shade while keeping in shape. –Kelly Rowe

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Close up of beautician's hand with a comb cutting hair of woman

Haircuts can be scary, especially if you are someone with longer lengths and want to keep them that way. It is important, though, to change up your cut from time to time, lest we get stuck in a rut. There’s plenty of non-scary, suitable for anyone cuts out there. Click the notes for some suggestions. –– Kelly Rowe

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