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Cara Delevinge recently told the world that she’s “not doing fashion work anymore,” but not before showing some leg for the latest Yves Saint Lauren Beauty campaign. Showing off the brand’s new Rouge pur Couture lipstick, the reformed model still knows how to pout. Interestingly, her hairstyle is the latest in a long line of high fashion images featuring long, windswept, devil-may-care hair. Once fall hits, this look will become the hot trend. Learn how to style it in the notes.

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With regard to hair color, work within the natural parameters of what your hair can most easily achieve and getting a great new hue is pretty straightforward, while the upkeep and maintenance will be trouble-free. For a more dramatic change, you can go out of your zone but then there’s a higher risk of the color causing damage or being an unsuitable tone for your complexion or eye color –– and you’ll definitely need to dedicate more time to the after-care. Professional colorists assess the parameters of how far, and how safely, you can change your hair color with the aid of The Level System. Learn more about it in the notes.

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hair dresser terms

Hairdressers often use technical terms like “texturizing”, or “undercutting” when talking to you in a consultation or during the cut. It’s their way of describing what they want to achieve in the haircut. This hairdresser-lingo can be confusing and maddening, leaving you wondering what’s going on up top. So let’s look at what this fancy jargon really means for you.

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