From the daily archives: "Friday, September 11, 2015"

Woman washing her hair

I wash my hair a lot. I am in the gym often which equals swear, and sweat can’t necessarily be refreshed with a dry shampoo. I find myself flying through bottle of shampoo and conditioner which gets extremely pricey. The average bottle of shampoo/conditioner is somewhere between eight and twelve ounces which for me equates to about two and half weeks worth of product if I don’t over use it. I am so tired of re-buying product that I have decided to try something new. Click the notes for more.

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low slung

Buns, twists, and knots are all popular, but this low slung big bun is a great option for fall. This look is the perfect combination of soft and romantic with a modern lift. As a great style for autumn, it pairs well with a cozy sweater or that leather jacket you have been dying to wear again. Click the notes for how to get the look.

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blonde with long hair

I’ve been growing out my hair forever. For a very long time I was convinced I would never have any length on it. I used to live for my extensions because I thought they were my only hope at long locks, but I was wrong.  You can have long hair but it may require some time and lifestyle changes. Click the notes to see what I learned growing out my hair. –Kelly Rowe 

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