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Roots: Working With Your Regrowth

 If you color your hair you are very familiar with the constant problem of having to retouch regrowth. I am way too familiar with roots. I hate having to get my retouch done and I am just waiting for the day they invent a blonde pill so this seemingly endless cycle of lightening will stop. However, until that day comes having a few ways to work with your roots is always good. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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Beautiful blonde woman with long, healthy and shiny hair.

October is the perfect month to pump up your look with some mermaid tresses. As temperatures cool down extensions are more practical. Extensions can cause you to get extra warm so cool weather is essential. Right now best time to invest in fusion bond extensions and get the most for your money, so click the notes to see why. –– Kelly Rowe  Click for StyleNotes →