From the daily archives: "Friday, October 16, 2015"


Now in her twenties, Ariana Grande cleverly keeps hold of her teenybopper brand image with an array of fabulous, cheerleader-inspired ponytails. Add them to your own repertoire and you’ll gain a set of fun, flirty, and youthful looks that work for date night, lunch with the girls, and social celebrations. Start with easy how-to-dos for these three pictured ponies…

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Graduations of color have become part of the fashion and beauty landscape. In hairstyle, it began with the ombre trend, which offered dark to light transitions of color that felt soft, natural, and so cool. As the trend evolved so did the look and new terms, like “sombre” and “color melt” got banded about. But what do they mean and what is the differences of each trend and technique? Find out in the notes.

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