From the daily archives: "Sunday, October 25, 2015"

Beautiful girl with light make-up, perfect skin and hairstyle as a braid. Picture taken in the studio on a gray background

Braiding is hugely popular. I have written numerous times about how much I love braids and how they look so great. Braiding a good way to look stylish and keep hair in place at the same time. You can give off a bohemian vibe or an edgy vibe just by picking a different plait or placement. While I love them on other people I don’t on myself. Click the notes for more. — Kelly Rowe

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Portrait of  beautiful woman with blond  hair.  face of fashion model

Recently on there was an article about Beyonce’s blonde hair and how it is instantly iconic. While I agree it will be long remembered, it’s not iconic in a good way. Blonde is great. I am a blonde (with a little help from a colorist) and I love being a blonde, but it isn’t for everyone. Click the notes to see why. –– Kelly Rowe

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