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dry hair
“Why is my hair so dry?” It’s a question I obsess over come fall. It’s an annoying state that makes having a great hair day seem impossible. But since looking at my strands and sulking over bad hair days doesn’t do anything but make me feel worse, I decided to investigate and take a look at some of the culprits causing dryness in the first place. Click through to style notes for my findings, some may even surprise you. –– Michelle Rotbart


Seoul fashion week has been a great inspiration for playful beauty looks. Most noteworthy the rise of rainbow hair among the models and it girls. While this trend has already been apparent in the US and Europe it was quite slow to take hold in Korea. Much of the wild hair revolution started with it-girl Irene Kim who first dyed her bleached ends blue a few seasons ago. Kim’s bold hair inspired others and the technicolor girls took over the runway this season, indicating a more open-minded and unique approach to beauty. The look is definitely catching on the street as well. I spotted several pastel streaks and neon ends on girls outside of the shows. To see more great hair from the streets of Seoul, click through to the notes.–Michelle Rotbart 

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Maybe it’s because I’m getting tired of growing out my bob, but I’m loving short cuts right now. I’ve always been a fan of a well-executed pixie, but some seasons the shape gets too blunt and boyish for my taste and other times too piecey and wispy. The pixies this season are both soft and structured with enough length to wear down or tuck back, a clean, tapered back, and soft textured fringe. The images above are all of the same cut, showing how easily such a shape transforms with just a touch of product. Pair it with a pale blonde base and you could even change up the color for the ultimate chameleon affect. Click the notes to learn more about the cut.  –Laura Martin

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If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, slips out of buns, and refuses to tousle, the problem may be that it needs some more damage. Many of the current hair trends—natural texture, low-sudsing shampoos, temporary color—have little to no impact on your strands. The result is shiny, healthy, and very stubborn hair, referred to by professionals as “resistant.” Until recently, most people were coloring, perming and heat styling their strands, and these services roughed up the cuticle, making for hair that absorbed product and held texture better. Of course, plenty of people went too far and ended up with dull, damaged locks, but for those who hit the sweet spot a bit of processing improved volume, movement and hold. How do you get pliable, easy-to-style strands without frying your tresses? Click the notes to find out. –Laura Martin 


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