From the daily archives: "Tuesday, October 27, 2015"

kristen wiig

You can’t not help but love Kristen Wiig, not only is the leading lady incredibly humorous, she’s also incredibly beautiful. Over the years, she’s debuted a number of stand out looks, but her tousled ponytail worn at the premiere of Nasty Baby is by far my favorite. It’s equal parts easy and fresh and chic. A look that is great for the red carpet and every day. Are you ready to try on this look? Click through to style notes for the how-to. — Michelle Rotbart

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half up

This style is great for days when you wake up late, can’t pick out what to wear, have unsexy bedhead, and really don’t feel like spending a lot of time styling. The bun is a little more subdued than a half-topknot, and a bit more sophisticated. Finish with a gilded clip, and no one will know that you were having a rough start to your day. Click the notes for step by step instructions. –– Laura Martin

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woodys brown

This woodsy brown gets a glow from undertones of copper and gold. Lightly faded ends give it a lived-in look coziness, but the hue is equally stunning as a single process. Flattering to a variety of skin tones and a perfect match for understated fall hues, this color is destined to be a seasonal favorite. Click the style notes for the formula and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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anna wintour
In lots of blogs and articles you may see the constant reminder that changing up your look is a good and almost necessary thing. I do agree that changing up your look is important but that doesn’t mean you have to change everything. Having a signature style can be just as great as constantly changing your look because you are instantly recognizable. Just think of Anna Wintour; she is extremely recognizable by her hair and it hasn’t changed much since she was 15 years old! Click the notes for quick ways to update your style and keep your signature look. — Kelly Rowe