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If you’re determined to notch it up to scarily beautiful this Halloween, this editorial collaboration between a group of master stylists from ARROJO NYC is your perfect piece of graphic inspiration. Titled, “Sou’Win” the idea came from the pagan rituals that predate Halloween, especially the mystic beauty of tarot cards and the outward masquerade that was intended to spur an intense inward focus. Combining high-contrast black and white hair color with asymmetrical razor-cut shapes, the hairstyles work with the clothing and the makeup to create darkly decadent, high-fashion elegance. See more incredible images in the notes.


As I’ve said before, a well calculated hair accessory will take your look from basic to unique in a matter of seconds. This mantra applies to everything from everyday to your big day. And while I’m sure you’ve decided on your perfect do, have you considered your perfect headpiece? Would a vintage tiara, floral pin or a simple gold barrette complement your aisle style? Whatever you choose make sure it’s an extension of your beauty personality. And for those of you who need some inspiration, I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite gleaming accessories sure to make your feel pretty on your special day. Click through to style notes to see all the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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lea seydoux

French actress Lea Seydoux may not be a household name yet, but as a Bond Girl in Spectre she’s about to leave a lasting impression. You may also have seen her in The Grand Budapest Hotel, or Inglorious Bastards, or Blue is the Warmest Color. Whether you’re familiar with her acting or not, her style is worth noting, an intriguing mix of sophisticated classic and playful ingénue. She loves bright shoes, vibrant scarves and tousled hairstyles which she pairs with simple dresses, or a white t-shirts and jeans. Somehow, even her more extravagant outfits seem effortless. The same is true of her hairstyles. She’s tried a variety of colors and lengths, but there’s something understated in the warm shades of copper and flax, the blunt bangs and tousled layers. Click the notes to learn more about this French beauty and her Parisian fashion sense. – Laura Martin

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My stomach doesn’t like wheat. As a result, my cupboards are now stocked with a plethora or flours and starches, my favorite of which is sorghum. Sorghum flour has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and gives your baked goods a buttery golden hue. It’s earthy warmth inspired this rich blonde shade, which combines a soft grain-colored highlight with a slightly darker nut-brown root. Get the formulas and application tips in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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