From the daily archives: "Tuesday, November 3, 2015"

wake up with great hair

Let’s be honest, we all want amazing tresses when we wake up in the morning, but the trade-off of getting up early to have perfectly primped hair is hardly alluring. With full days and late nights, we’re all lucky if we don’t sleep through our alarms and throw up a pony mid-morning coffee. Luckily there are a few ways of cutting down the primping process and getting great hair every time. Click through to style notes to get tips and tricks on getting fabulous hair in no time.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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luscious fig

The fig has a dense meaty texture and robust flavor that are captured perfectly in its appearance. Dark skin, creamy meat and deep red juicy pulp give the fruit a fleshy, exotic beauty. A dark violet-brown hair color accented with tendrils of rosy platinum, this color shares its inspiration’s unconventional appeal. Complex-looking, but surprisingly easy to achieve this style is a perfect for the girl who has an unconventional, but understated aesthetic. Get application tips and the professional formulas in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Have you ever experienced great results from a styling product when your stylist applied it but had less than stellar results on your own? You may have perfected your product arsenal, but even if you have the perfect menagerie of styling aides you may struggle to achieve consistent results. When it comes to styling products, the amount you use, the order in which you layer, and the part of the strand you focus on can all have a big impact on the end result. Learn more about how to use your favorite products in the notes. –– Laura Martin