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Sent in by Tim Bricker, Owner and Master Stylist at B&B Cut & Color Studio, Princeton, NJ, the image above is titled, Order out of Chaos. Part of editorial work inspired by modern texture trends, bold hair colors, and tattoos, we love the juxtaposition between the pretty and the tough that this picture portrays. The fabulous swoosh and the mixture of bright colorful tones offer a statement style for the girl about town. Learn how it was created in the notes.

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combining influences
Iconic fashionistas like Alexa Chung may seem wholly original, but even the most unique looks are never pulled from the ether. Rather, they are the result of inspired combinations. The fabulous Alexa claims both Jane Birkin and Diane Keaton as important examples. Her signature bangs come from Birkin; her high-waisted trousers from Keaton. By juxtaposing strong elements of different styles you can create something both time-tested and original. Learn more about combining iconic looks to create your best style in the notes. –– Laura Martin


Every woman has her beauty secrets, and while it’s fun to try a new hair color or shade of lipstick, it’s also essential to have your go-tos, stuff that you know works. For me it’s violet-tinged hair (whether heather-black, violet-brown, or plum-wine), tousled texture created with lots of dry shampoo, and piecey bangs. I add a violet glaze to any hair color I try and don’t like. I chop in a soft fringe to any awkward haircut and always keep it well trimmed when I’m growing out my length. Tousled texture makes me feel quirky and cool. What are your go-to style secrets? Learn more about mine in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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At the hairdresser's.

Have you ever felt that you were being bullied by your stylist? Some, but not all, stylists have a keen ability to bully someone into doing something with their hair that they are not necessarily comfortable with. Even if they mean well and know the end result will be a success, you have to wear your hair so you need to be the guiding factor for its style, not the stylist. Even the stylists we have a relationship with can make some appointments a touch uncomfortable. So click the notes to learn how to avoid all of this. –– Kelly Rowe.

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