From the monthly archives: "December 2015"

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I have already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice. I love it for many reasons, but the biggest one is Daisy Ridley. How awesome is she? I can’t remember the last time I saw an unknown actor with such presence. I’m obsessed, and not just with her character, Rey. At the various premieres for the film Ridley has shown that she’s got style as well as talent. Click the notes for more pictures of her stand-out red carpet looks. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Short bobs are predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2016 so why not stay ahead of trend and chop your strands before everyone else does? Swing bobs are fun, feminine, and work well on most hair textures. Get one now and you’ll be seen as a trendsetter. Use the images above for inspiration and click the notes below for tips on customizing the look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

knit headband


A cozy, knitted headband is probably one of my favorite accessories because it’s versatile, looks cute, and keeps my ears and head warm without sacrificing my hairstyle. It’s not a difficult accessory to wear; usually you can just whack it on! If you’re going out late tonight, it will be great for keeping you toasty, but you should be a little more thoughtful with your look. I’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks on how to rock this great piece tonight, and all winter long. Click through to the notes for details. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

shiny hair

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Save the yogurt for your parfait and the honey for your tea, because there are plenty of ways to get shiny hair that don’t involved raiding your kitchen, rubbing your head with mayonnaise, or completely changing your nutritional plan. From conditioners to oils to sprays there are plenty of great products formulated to give your hair instantaneous shine and shimmer, and with the glitz of New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you’re going to want one of these ASAP. Click through to the notes to learn what you need. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →