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In the beauty industry, “natural” rarely means untampered with, it usually signifies something closer to “believable,” a look that at least feasibly could occur in nature. We’ve gotten pretty good at mimicking colors and textures that exist in the natural world, but rarely do we show off  our actual color or textures, but rarely leave our strands in their natural shape. That may be changing. The recent runways have shown a much greater range of hair textures including everything from poker-straight to extremely curly. So instead of everyone creating “natural” barely-there waves as was the trend in 2015, this year we may actually see natural texture. Learn more about this emerging trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



Shower caps are back in style. Yes that thing your grandmother used to wear that looked like a plastic bag, is back on trend…well kinda. Since daily hair cleansing is no longer a thing, and we’ve all abandoned squeaky clean hair in favor of second day texture and dry shampoo, the shower cap is having a fashionable resurrection. New and even high-end variations are emerging in beautiful prints, better security, and water-proof materials. Now I know it’s easy to scoff at a shower cap that costs more than a dollar, but think about how important this item will be in your hair-care routine. It’s no different than buying a quality conditioner, brush, or heat-styling tool. And if you want to make blow-out last a full week and still keep up good hygiene, then it’s time to invest in a shower cap. Your voluminous locks and wallet will thank you. For more info and for recommendations on your cap, click through to the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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I grew up in the nineties and I still have a soft spot for grunge, which probably explains why I’m a sucker for olive, moss, dusky rose, and all the other muted, muddy shades that were cool then. And while Kelly green isn’t really a color that looks good on anyone, this deep mossy hue is actually quite flattering. You get all the edge of wearing a crayon box shade without the limitations on clothing and makeup. Plus, less vivd hues tend to last longer. This plush shade reminds of both moss and crushed velvet. Get the formula and tips on application in the notes. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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I shaved my head for the first time right before starting beauty school. I’d gotten a terrible haircut and decided it was better to start over. I’d had pixie cuts before, but bald was something else. I felt naked. At first I was sure I looked like a man. I had a love hate relationship with my bold new look, it made me feel powerful, but not pretty. Years later I shaved my head again, and then again. Each time I experienced a strange mix of empowerment and vulnerability. A shaved head can be a stand against cultural beauty ideals or a way of flaunting natural beauty for women who are blessed with conventional prettiness. I personally love androgyny, but I also understand that it doesn’t work for everyone. What do you think about buzz cuts on women? Click the notes to see more examples. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →