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I’m not sure if we owe the revival of the choker to 90s revival or Melisandre from Game of Thrones, but this accessory is back with a vengeance. Worn over a scarf with the hair tucked in, it creates a cinched, belt-like effect that’s reminiscent of pigtails, but looser and sexier. We saw this look on Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 runway; let’s take it to the street. Learn how below. ––  Laura Martin 

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My colorist is so good at giving me the perfect shade of red; many people are surprised that my hair is, ahem, enhanced. Anyone who’s gotten their ‘best-ever’ hair color knows that once you’ve gotten your perfect shade, it’s making it last that becomes the challenge. Sure, you follow all the rules your colorist gives you, but there are a few things you could be doing better to keep your color looking like you just stepped out of the salon. To learn the best techniques to keep your color all summer long, click through to the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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As summer approaches, weddings multiply Whether you’re tying the knot yourself, participating in someone else ceremony, or simply attending, you’re going to to need a great dress, soft makeup, and a pretty style that holds up from aisle-walk to bouquet-toss. Traditional wedding styles—flouncy curls, stiff updos, and piled ringlets—can feel dated and oppressive, but the usual beach waves or French braid don’t really match a formal gown. How do you look fancy while still feeling stylish? Click the notes to see this season cool, wearable wedding trends. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


Memorial Day Weekend is here! Whether you are a sun and surf girl, action woman, or prefer a festival in the forest, it’s not the weekend to be fussing over your hairdo. Still, you want to look better than good, which means you need to embrace easy and uncomplicated styles that can be put together in a few minutes. We’ve got you covered with five of the best. . .   Click for StyleNotes →



Yesterday I discovered a new accessory called hair charms on Free People and What is a hair charm? It’s pretty much what it sounds like, decoration for your hair—a cooler version of butterfly clips. These will look great from your summer festival looks, a perfect finishing touch for fishtails and crown braids. They’re also amazing for a more glamorous or evening looks, an alternative to a tiara or a bejeweled barrette. And if you really want to get creative you can customize your look with you your own jewelry and charms. I see these becoming the next big accessory for the summer, because who doesn’t want transform a basic braid into a work of shining art. Click through to the notes to see my favorite charms.  –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →