From the daily archives: "Tuesday, June 21, 2016"

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Unlike clothing and makeup, changes to your haircut or color are fairly permanent, which means that while you may be able to change other parts of your look fairly easily to fit your mood or activities, it’s trickier to have hair that looks tame by day and wild by night, but it can be achieved with the right placement. The secret is placing the daring undercut or vibrant color on the underside of the hair so that it hides in natural fall and gets exposed with more dramatic styling. Learn more about this trend in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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I tend to be pretty skeptical of new products, especially when it comes to hair color where tools are often created to fill in for a lack of technique. The sprush isn’t that kind of tool, it’s not a crutch, but an upgrade, designed to let your skill set shine. Color brushes, even expensive ones don’t hold up well to extensive use: the bristles bend, the ends get roughed up, and chemical residue builds between the fibers. The sprush eliminates these problems. The solid, flexible tip does bend or fray and provides a smooth clean edge perfect for both precise applications and soft blending. It’s quickly becoming my favorite new tool. Learn how to use it and where to get one of your own in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →