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Photo: Vogue Portugal

If you live in New York or anywhere else hot, greasy hair is probably an issue you are familiar with. Many of us, especially those who commute, know all to well how the summer heat can turn a cool do into a sad and limp don’t. But wherever you are, summer isn’t always gentle to our hair, thus a chignon or a ponytail becomes a go-to style. But your mane shouldn’t suffer due to the heat! There are some great tips and tricks to still have amazing hair all summer long despite the rising temperatures. Click through to style notes to get the know-how. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m a big fan of casual waves and natural texture, but I also occasionally long for the bouncy sheen of a round brush blow-dry. In the summer time, I swear off hot tools to minimize damage during the season of chlorine and sun exposure. So, I’ve been experimenting with methods for creating voluminous, shiny hair without heat styling. I’ve come up with the perfect technique, which creates a voluminous faux-blowout while you sleep. Click the style notes for step-by-step instructions. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →