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In the oppressing heat of July temperatures, it’s basically routine to simply throw your hair up into a bun and go on with your day. It’s a quick and easy solution and provides relief from a sweaty neck. And while top knots are fab, they’re not always practical depending on your length and if you plan to put your hair back down during the day. That’s why you should start perfecting your low bun game. A low chignon won’t disturb the hair at your crown like a topknot will. So if you catch yourself getting a bit too sweaty for your liking, simply swoop hair back and secure with an elastic. Once you are ready to take it down again, shake out. It won’t look like you ever put it up…plus no dents. And the possibilities are endless. To up your low knot game, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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How can you tell the difference between fine hair (small individual strands) and thin hair (small number of strands)? Is your hair naturally coarse or just damaged? Is it strong enough to take a big color change? Is it frizzy or just curly? We all have certain ideas about what our particular hair challenges are and what’s caused them. But often our perspective is usually distorted. False information can lead to all sorts of errors and frustrations, from buying the wrong products to asking for the wrong haircuts. So how do you know what your hair type really is? Click through to the notes for a series of conclusive, DIY tests. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →