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Whenever I catch a glimpse of a sun hat I automatically think of a famed photo of Rita Hayworth working a printed bikini, hat twice as big as her head and peep-toe heels. If only we always looked so put together by the pool. Today’s designers and it girls must also have this photo in mind, since I’ve continuously spotted fabulous easy, breezy sunhats in store and on the street. And with the dog days of summer still with us for at least another month, why not reach for a sun hat? Not only is it incredibly fashionable, it’s a great way to protect your hair and skin from the harsh rays of the sun and the season’s scorching temperatures. If you need help figuring out how to wear one, simple click through the notes to see plenty of inspiration on how to don this woven straw topper. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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I feel guilty saying it, but I’m getting pretty tired of summer. The temperature here in central Georgia hasn’t dropped below 95 in a month, and while I appreciate the long days and bountiful sun, I’m tired of heat and humidity that make spending time outdoors unthinkable. I’m longing for the days when I can start wearing jeans again. In the meantime, I’m thinking up some ways to switch up my summer look. Dark lipstick and paper-thin cotton scarves have become staples. I’ve given my hair a pre-fall makeover too. I’ll tell you all about it in the notes. Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →