From the daily archives: "Monday, August 22, 2016"

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Every fall I become obsessed with red-violet hues. There’s just something so rich, so dramatic about a deep, plummy red. I’ve posted formulas for vibrant magentas and soft mahoganies, but this color is neither brownish nor jewel-toned. Understated but un-muddied, this concentrated tone reminds me of syrupy jam, rich, vibrant, and natural. Find the formula and application tips in the notes. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



Finding the best hair accessory to keep you cool and that can last through a workout is never easy. It has to keep your hair out of your face, off your neck, and stay put through your entire sweat session. And while the standard black band got us through a tough spot before, they look drab hanging lifeless from our wrists and aren’t always the easiest to take out. So for your hair’s sake and for yours, let’s switch it up with three great alternatives that won’t damage your hair, keep you cool, will look great on your wrist. Click through to the notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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As ready as I am for sweater weather, I know that all too soon I’ll be missing the bright and sunny days of summer and the low-key, playful fashion that accompanies them. Before it’s over, I plan to eat as many tomatoes as I can, to go through one last rotation of my favorite summer dresses, and to wear all my favorite summer hair trends. Click the notes to see my end of summer beauty bucket list. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →