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Androgyny in fashion often signals important social change, from the boyish silhouettes worn by flappers during the prohibition era to the glamorous looks embraced by male rock stars in the seventies and eighties, but never has the line between men’s and women’s fashion been so blurry as it is now. Increasing numbers of designers are releasing unisex clothing lines, Pantone has done away with gendered color palettes, and gender-fluidity has become part of the national lexicon. It’s an exciting moment in fashion, one that could redefine our concepts of beauty and obliterate many long-standing “rules” of fashion and beauty. Click the notes to see more stunning, gender-defying styles. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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A fresh haircut is exciting, but it can also be a little awkward. The first few days of a new cut, it never looks quite right. Have you ever wondered why? Is it simply because you’re getting used to seeing something different or is it really true that a haircut settles over time, that it actually looks better once it’s been lived in? The truth is its a bit of both. Click the notes for details. Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →