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Last week I wrote about the importance of using the right type of towel to dry your strands, and then this week I discovered hair drying gloves. Hair drying gloves? What? I know they sound a bit gimmicky, but I decided to try them out and they turned out to be quite handy! There are a few different kinds available for purchase, some are better for finer hair while others are great for curls and texture. Through some experimentation I figured out it’s best to first apply your styler to damp hair, rinse hands, and then put the gloves on. It makes the process of scrunching and squeezing water out of your hair a lot easier and makes air drying so much faster. So if you’re ready to try this variation of the towel out, click through to the notes to get some more details. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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From Natalie Portman to Jessica Alba, buttery praline hues are gaining popularity with celebrities. Praline—a confection made from butter, sugar and nuts—has a warm taupe-caramel hue that’s gorgeous on strands. A blend of a few different levels of the same hue creates intricate, spun-sugar sparkle and soft dimension. Get the formulas and application tips to recreate this celebrity trend in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Growing out bangs can be a challenge, one that many people resolve with an arsenal of bobby pins and headbands. Accessories are a great help for the occasional bad hair day, but it is possible to grow out a fringe without wearing it pinned back for six months. The key is to embrace some interim steps, reshaping your bangs instead of just letting them go wild. Following these steps will gradually blend your bang into the rest of your hair so you’ll feel like you have a real style every step of the way. Click the notes for three simple steps to bang grow-out success. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →