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So I recently learned about a new trending hair style called sexture, aka, next level bedhead, aka looks like you just finished a mind-blowing roll in the hay. While this isn’t exactly a new thing, I do love that it’s all about touchable, messy, voluminous, and textured tendrils. I mean, isn’t this the byproduct of a great act? You don’t need to get naked to achieve this look either, you can get it with some wave mist in your damp hair or some refinish dry shampoo in your second day strands. You can even reach for your heat styling tools to add some curls and then break up the waves with your fingers. It won’t take much to get you in the mood to try this trend out. To get you going, click through to the notes to see some of my favorite sexture styles. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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Last week, fashion blogs were abuzz over the “new” gray-ombre trend, a look that melds charcoal roots into silver-white ends. The monochromatic look creates a stunning, edgy effect, but one that’s hardly new, and in my personal opinion hardly worth the effort. Silvery-gray hair requires a perfect platinum base to avoid going muddy, and constant maintenance to keep its cool tone. It’s a lot of effort for a shade that, when it occurs in nature, women spend lots of money and time concealing. Why do you think of the gray hair trend? See more examples of gray ombre in the notes and leave us a comment with your thoughts. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →