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Tidings! The Holiday Season brings parties, socializing, awkward relatives, and lots and lots of things to drink, like hot toddy’s, spiked eggnog and mulled wine. If you’ve ever drank way too much, you’ll  know that alongside the headache, the shakes and the fear, symptoms also include the skin feeling deflated and dry. You may not notice it much with all the other aches and pains but alcohol’s proclivity for creating dryness extends to your hair, leaving it brittle. Hair needs constant nourishment and your follicles rely on zinc and folic acid to maintain strength. Alcohol can affect these nutrient levels, which can even cause loss and breakage. Obviously the best solution to keep hair healthy is to drink in moderation, but since that’s not a choice many make over the Holidays, pick up a few other healthy hair habits instead. Get details below.  Click for StyleNotes →


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It’s time for some style predictions for 2017 at Style Note Towers; though trend forecasts are notoriously difficult in the digital age, we think it will be the year of the texturized lob.  Case in point, Jennifer Lawrence.  A once-upon-a-time newcomer to fame, and a hair chameleon, Lawrence stepped onto the fashion map with golden strands and a sweet look.  Now her locks have taken a turn to more of an edgy side, completing a high-fashion look. She has gone dark, short, blunt and bobbed, but our favorite look would most noticeably be her texturized lob (seen above) that she recently stepped out in.  With just the right amount of edginess and flare, it’s a killer style on the forefront of 2017.  See below for Style Notes. –– Brittany Taylor Click for StyleNotes →

This eye-catching image comes from an ARROJO NYC collection that made waves across the hairdressing community in 2016. Blending trailblazing hair coloring techniques, razor cutting, inventive product usage, distorted and surreal visuals SUGAR CANDY recreates the psychedelic experience with chromatic artistry. Influenced by Keith Haring and the purveyors of the modern visual language, Creative Director Lina Arrojo uses the intensity of the colors of sugared candy to create an eclectic and stylish collection.


Photo: Courtesy of Josephine Skriver @josephineskriver &

Citing fashionable models like Karlie Kloss and Josephine Skriver (image above), Vogue recently published an article noting that “The Big Bang Is Back’ and “the supermodel set is settling the debate in favor of an eyelash-grazing length.” Want to join them? It is possible to grow out a fringe without wearing hair pinned back for six months. The key is to embrace some interim steps, reshaping your bangs instead of just letting them go wild. Get our top tips below.  Click for StyleNotes →



Despite the cold, bodaciously beautiful Ashley Graham stepped out on the streets of Manhattan yesterday flaunting her figure in a see-through ensemble.  What most excited us at Style Noted, however, was her perfectly flowing locks with just the right amount of “undone”.  With side swept bangs, and a daring gaze, Graham sure looked the part –– the color, cut and style are all to kill for. As the model ramps up for her first season as a Judge on America’s Next Top Model (tonight), we are not only excited for her to show her modeling industry know-how and business-woman insight, but also for the hairstyles that will be showcased every Monday from the gorgeous model.  It’s going to be great for winter hairstyle inspiration! See below for Style Notes on this trending look. –– Brittany Taylor  Click for StyleNotes →