Best known as a blonde, Amanda Seyfried offers a fresh perspective for her November cover story for Glamour Spain. Her honeyed-brown tone, nicely matching her complexion, shows that brunettes can turn up the heat too. But what really captures the imagination is the styling. Long voluptuous waves drape off the shoulders in vivacious, irrepressible fashion while the side-swept parting perfectly frames Amanda’s brooding eyes. Learn how to recreate this unnervingly beautiful look in the notes.

Step: If you’ve been blonde for the summer and now want to transition to something darker, this light honeyed brown is a trendy and achievable option. Ask your colorist to add a few lighter, golden pieces on the ends in the front to make the face-frame the brightest part of the look.

Step: The long layered cut is easy to style big and sexy if you now how. Start with damp hair and apply volume foam generously from roots to ends. Blow dry in hands, lifting hair off the roots for volume, and tousling and twisting for texture.

Step: Once dry, apply a light coat of protective thickening lotion in and around the front. In the sections you spritzed, use a curling wand to make loose waves.

Step: Side part hair imperfectly and spray refinish dry shampoo into roots; leave for a minute and brush out, instantly adding bombshell volume and texture to an already big and bouncy look. Add refresh dry conditioner to the ends to increase the sultry sheen.

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