If you have ever been to a beauty supply store or even a drugstore, you may have seen brushes and combs labeled specifically for wet styling. These are essential to your supply of hair tools, even more so if you have long hair. Click the notes for the details. –– Kelly Rowe 

Hair loses 30% of its strength when wet.

Hair is much weaker when wet, approximately 30% weaker. This strength is only regained when hair is dry and cool. So when you are combing through tangles in dry hair its ok to use any brush you can find because the hair is stronger, pulling on wet hair can cause immediate breakage.

Wet brushes are soft and pneumatic.

Wet brushes have a lot of  “give.” What this means is that the pins will bend over more easily when they encounter a knot so you don’t yank through it. They are also pneumatic meaning when you push down on the center you will hear air come out this is another way of preventing too much pull on the hair.

The combs and brushes have wide set pins.

Whether it is a brush or comb, wet tools always have the pins set wide so they can glide through the hair more easily to break up large knots without tugging and/or breaking strands.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.
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