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Damage is one thing we all try to avoid. Damaged strands look good on no one. You may know the signs and symptoms of distressed tresses but did you know you hair may be trying to tell you something and you just aren’t noticing it. The basic signs of damage are breakage and frizz but there are also signs that may not be so apparent.


Little Movement

Hair should swing freely. Hair that is in great condition allows each strand to move independently. The natural movement and bounce comes from tressses that don’t have a roughed up cuticle. If you find that your hair moving as one piece rather individually it’s a signal that the outside of the strands have gotten roughed up either through chemical and color services or over heat styling.


Hair That Easily Tangles

Do you find that your hair is constantly tangled? While fine hair is prone to tangling if you now have knotted hair when you didn’t have it before this is a clear indicator of split and broken ends. These ultra fine and frayed ends easily wrap around each other causing big knots and getting through them with a brush or comb causing the situation to get worse. A simple trim can stop the problem in its tracks.


Blow-Dries That Look Lackluster

Are your blow-dries falling flat? Damaged hair is notoriously hard to blow dry and normally has people reaching for the curling or smoothing iron afterwards. The reason? The cuticle of the hair cannot get flat enough to reflect shine making the overall effect fairly dull. If you are getting this effect most likely it’s time to amp of the conditioning treatments and lighten up on the heat styling.

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