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The weekend is the perfect time to try out and practice new hairstyles. Without the pressure of time, you can start from scratch if need be and not worry about having to leave the house with a half done or half undone hair. Click the notes for 3 styles to try while you have time on your side. –– Kelly Rowe

Braid Waves

Braid waves are easy and I’m sure you have tried a similar trick to getting waves but it’s all about the type of braid that you do that gives you the perfect wave.

Step: Work a handful of cream whip through damp hair roots to ends.

Step: Separate hair into three equal sections. One on each side and mohawk section down the center.

Step: Braid a French braid loosely in each section. Make sure the braids are loose, if you braid them tightly they will not only take forever to dry, they will make your waves stand straight up off your head.

Step: Allow hair to completely dry. Take out the braid and pulse in refresh dry conditioner and rake curls together with fingers.


Faux Bob

Faux bobs don’t actually take a lot of time or work if you know what you are doing and are a great alternative to a cut.

Step: On second day hair pulse in refinish to get texture and volume.

Step: Using a curling wand curl the whole top half of your hair randomly.

Step: Backcomb the bottom half of your hair to create a cushion that the top half will sit on. When hair is fluffed up enough lightly tuck under and pin with a couple bobby pins.

Step: Arrange top half of curled hair over the cushion you have created. Any bits that are falling extra long wrap around the cushion lightly and pin with a hair pin. Make sure it is a hair pin and not a bobby pin. Bobby pins will hold too tightly hair pins will just affix it to wear you need it to stay.

Step: Once hair is arranged in a bob shape, lightly mist with primp.


Modern French Twist

A French twist is a classic shape that if you alter it ever so slightly can look modern and put together. This style is one of those that easy to do once you have mastered it but it’s a style that takes a bit of practice.

Step: Prep damp hair with a nickel of hair crème and blow dry hair straight but with volume using a large round brush.

Step: Using a round paddle, brush all hair diagonally down and to one side. Make sure hair is brushed on an angle to give it a contemporary feel.

Step: Pin the diagonal sweep with bobby pins in X formation up to create a line of X’s

Step: Now roll hair tightly inward on an angle towards that line and pin the twist. Pull pieces out in the front to make it a little less perfect. Mist the whole thing with primp for a light hold.



By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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