Highlights are probably the most popular in-salon color service because the dynamic, all-over gloss and sheen never fails to leave clients thrilled. As seen in the above pictures of Ashley Tisdale, however, low-lighting can be just as beautifying, especially in the fall/winter season. Deciding whether it’s time to go for a highlight or a lowlight can be tricky but either look can be your crowning glory this Holiday. Learn more in the notes. 

One: Highlights and lowlights can both be applied in a variety of ways. The difference is one way makes hair lighter, one makes hair darker. Lightness creates brightness and pop; lowlights add depth, dimension, and the illusion of thickness to the hair –– whichever you prefer is your perfect choice.

Two:  A face-framing high or low light is a great way to go. Ribbons of color are placed from ear to ear, perfectly framing the shape of your haircut and emphasizing the features of your face. Match the hair color tone to your eyes for a beauty bonus.

Three: A half-head of high or low lights places the emphasis on the top and the sides of the head, providing definition to the central part of any haircut, adding tone and shine and relieving any fears of demarcated roots.

Four: If you want full commitment and a crowning glory that shines and glistens from root to tip, a full head of high or low lights is the only way to go. Enjoy ripples of color everywhere, with the shimmering variation in tone sure to draw admiring glances.

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