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The Victoria’s Secret “Angels” have it tough. The lottery of birth means that not only is it part of their job to sit around for hours while a bevy of underlings dance attendance on their every wish, they also have to suffer the ignominy of our casual objectification. Today we’re looking at their bouncy, shapely. . .hair. How does one replicate those flowing fulsome waves? We asked Paul Merritt, the British editorial stylist responsible for creating many of the “Angels’ most iconic runway looks, for a quick how to anyone could do. Get the scoop below.

“For big, loose and wavy “Angel” hair the key is to build volume and structure with product. Begin with damp hair and apply lots and lots of volume foam, working it in from roots to ends. It has to go through the hair from root to tip to encourage root lift. Now blow dry hair loosely in hands. Lift hair off the roots and gently toss from side to side as you dry; this encourages body and texture. Once dry, I recommend smoothing out the top surface by going over it with a boar bristle brush. It will give the finished style what I call ‘surface polish.’ Next, curl whole head with a 1.5 inch curling iron, but leave the ends –– the last couple of inches of hair –– out. I find leaving the ends out so they are a bit straighter gives the look a cool modern feel. After each curl, use a pin-curl clip to pin in place and, once the whole head is pin-set, allow to cool before releasing. Apply a few bursts of ReFINISH dry shampoo into the roots for a final, and instant, boost of body and texture, and then gently brush out the set, creating big and bouncy, sexy supermodel hair.” –– Paul Merritt 

Paul Merritt is a veteran stylist of the Victoria’s Secret Angels Runway Show. His has also worked with Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Rosamund Pike, Alexa Chung, Emma Thompson, Alice Dellal, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bryan Ferry. Paul takes appointments at ARROJO NYC.  

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