No hair color says all-American girl like a classic golden blonde, especially when paired  with a youthful or golden complexion and big blue eyes. But since so few people have naturally light hair –– at least by the time they reach maturity –– and lightening the hair is a challenging and commitment-full service, going golden blonde requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it glowing. Get the five golden rules for maintaining golden blondes in the notes. 

1. Roots aren’t attractive. The ombre trend made people think roots were ok. Maybe they are in a multi-colored ‘do that’s meant to look a little imperfect but golden blondes stand out when they are golden from root to tip. You need to re-touch roots often; more than half an inch of root is rather trashy.

2. Treat your hair delicately. If you lighten your hair it will be in a weaker state. Avoid constant heat styling, brushing, and primping.

3. Get regular glazes. Blonde loses tone quickly, becoming faded and dull. Keep a standing appointment for glazes every 3-4 weeks. The service is quick, will keep you hair shiny, and will prevent having to do color corrections in the future.

4. Invest in hair masques. Masques are to moisturize dry and damaged hair, meaning as a blonde you are a prime candidate. Use them often, they increase shine and luster and make styling easier.

5. Never try to make yourself blonde at home. Always, always, always go to a professional. This is one shade that if you try at home could end in disastrous damage.

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