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The holidays are just around the corner and hair care is always a great gift for all the lovely ladies you know. Tools and products can be something you may not invest in for yourself so receiving them as a gift can be exciting. Click through to the notes for idea for gift giving. –– Kelly Rowe

For the Girl that Loves to Blow Dry

Girls that love to blow dry are going to need things that help make styling easier and finishing perfect. Start with the ARROJO Turbopower blow dryer that allows you the choice of 4 different temperature settings and is ionic for shiny and soft hair. Include set and style spray, the perfect blow dry lotion for setting hair with body, shine and supple hold, styling whip for gorgeous round brush styling, and primp working spray to hold the whole look together at the end.

For Those Who Like it Straight As Possible

Girls addicted to flat ironing are going to need the best of the best tools to make sure damage is kept at bay. For your straight kit include the ARROJO Izunami Smoothing Iron which allows you create effortless straight styles. Also, include protective thickening lotion to ward off heat damage and shine luxe oil to protect even more and provide dramatic shine.

For Beachy Babes

Beachy, bohemian, or just more relaxed ladies in your life are going to want products that make the most out of natural texture and require little work. Starting with gentle shampoo and conditioner this organic, sulfate free, paraben free, is lightweight and perfect for natural styling. Include all new wave mist for beachy texture any time of the year and refresh dry conditioner for ultra soft weightless strands anytime.

For All The Curls

Curls and texture are in right now. Know someone with curly hair? Snatch up the entire curl line from ARROJO. Curl hydration shampoo and conditioner with provide moisture and humidity protection while the three curl products curl enhancer, curl control, and curl definer will allow your curly friend to sculpt their style into anything their hearts desire.

For the Men in Your Life

Styling men’s hair can be simple but the perfect products make all guys happy. Start with a cleansing regimen of daily shampoo and conditioner. Add in ARROJO defining cream and hair gel. Defining cream is one of those miracle products. It holds and creates texture for every single style, hair gel will provide strong hold when your guy needs all the help he can get.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted 

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