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I’m sure you have your ritualistic hair routine that your follow to keep your hair long, grow it faster, make it healthier, improve the styling if it, or whatever else you are trying to achieve. Click the notes to find out 5 hair practices you may be doing that aren’t actually doing too much good. –– Kelly Rowe

Not Shampooing You don’t have to let your hair get ultra dirty each week, all in the name of hair health. Shampooing is not the ultra stripping agent that dries hair out, it’s shampooing paired with intense styling sessions that does that. Plus, if you are someone who likes to shampoo every day you should do that, just use a mild shampoo and luxurious conditioner, like gentle shampoo and shine luxe conditioner.

Brushing Your Hair Brushing your hair is actually a stressor on it. You should brush when you style in the morning, maybe once throughout the day, then right before you go to bed so you don’t sleep on any tangles and make them worse. A lot of brushing can cause breakage making the hair look frizzy.

Conditioning Only the Ends If you want all of your hair to shine, be strong and elastic it needs conditioner. All conditioner should be applied to the ends first, then lightly worked up from there to the root area. This will ensure your hair stays stronger for longer.

Using Shampoo/Products the Say They Are For Hair Growth Plain and simple, these don’t make your hair grow. Nothing you put on the hair itself will make it grow. Hair growth is affected by what’s going on inside the body, but normally doesn’t grow more than ½ inch a month. Invest in protein and moisture shampoos and products this will keep the hair you have stronger through longer lengths.

Using Natural Hair Color Like Henna Sometimes people think they are doing themselves a favor by using “natural” coloring agents. This is not true. The best thing you can do is go to an excellent colorist. Henna can be nearly impossible to remove. Through removal with bleach hair can actually turn green. You are going to be stuck with it till it grows out. Have a great colorist use a semi/demi permanent shade instead, this is gentle, will wash out, and will make your hair soft and shiny.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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