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Summertime & the living’s easy. With summer comes European vacations & island getaways. In the age of Instagram, we always need to be camera ready. With only a fraction of our normal beauty products in tow our routines can get a bit scrambled. We spoke with a few ARROJO Master Stylists to find out their must have travel products.

Renew CoWash 

Instead of packing both Shampoo & Conditioner, opt for a co-wash, a cleanser and conditioner in one bottle.

“ReNew is my favorite because it’s vegan, color-safe, and sulfate free. My hair is always a vibrant fashion color so it’s a nice way to preserve my color while cleansing in one fell swoop,” says Ellie Master Colorist at ARROJO SoHo.


Healing Oil

You wouldn’t forget your facial sunscreen would you? So don’t forget to pack your hair sunscreen.

“Healing Oil has UV protection so I never go to the beach let alone on vacation without it. I like to spray it on my brush so it really gets into my strands. That way I’m protected, styled & shining all day,” says Ashley Master Colorist at ARROJO TriBeCa.


Protective Thickening Lotion

PTL, a heat protectant that doubles as UV & humidity protectant. What’s not to love?

“When your on vacation, you don’t have time to mess with your hair, that’s why my travel go-to is PTL. Heat, humidity & UV protection, volume, and a bit of hold, all in one bottle,” says Lina Arrojo Creative Director & Master Stylist at ARROJO SoHo.


Curling Wand 

An easy-to-use wand that creates natural-looking waves and curls. Nuff said.

“Vacation is the time I want to look my best. All I need is my trusty 1” curling wand, and I’ve got perfect beachy waves soft to the touch in less than 15 minutes,” says Amber Master Colorist at ARROJO SoHo.


Refinish Dry Shampoo

If there’s 1 thing you need on vacation its dry shampoo, the perfect styler to soak up oils, remove buildup and create gritty texture.

“When I’m in a rush, which I usually am, dry shampoo is my miracle style rescue. It saves me from shampooing & heat-styling and has me looking like Beyonce with the volume,” says MariaGrace Senior Stylist at ARROJO SoHo.


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