A bad haircut –– we have all gotten one. Maybe you left the salon crying, maybe you couldn’t look in the mirror, maybe you swore never to go out again. A bad haircut can be traumatizing. So click the notes for the 5 tips to rescue your life the day after you get a bad haircut. —Kelly Rowe

Don’t panic. It may feel like the earth is crashing down because your hair looks awful to you, but don’t worry it will come back eventually. The best thing to do at first is pour glass of wine and complain to any friend that will listen to you for hours on end about how bad you think it looks.

Don’t get it “fixed” or cut again. While your urge may be to run back and get it fixed, or go to another salon and get it re-shaped, don’t. This will mean you are getting more hair cut off and chances are you are still going to be unhappy. Wait two weeks then make the decision.

Change the color. Be bold and do something permanent or just shift the tone with a demi permanent shade. Either one will refresh what you see in the mirror, It may give you a different outlook on the cut.

Embrace texture. Letting natural texture do its thing can take a bad cut from drab to fab. Texture is modern so using it to your advantage may make your cut look better. Let your natural texture shine and see what happens, you may love it.

Invest in styling products. What you may have used before to style your hair may not work anymore with this new cut. A simple product change may make you appreciate your new look. Don’t be afraid to try something new until your hair grows back in.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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