Nowadays, more and more hairdressers are cutting with a razor instead of scissors. By naturally creating texture and taper, it’s an excellent tool to create modern, low-maintenance hairstyles that can be washed and worn with the minimum of fuss, which makes it great for girls on the go. To give you a better idea of why your hairdresser chooses a razor over scissors, take a look at some of the uses for the straight edge blade.

The Razor: 

— More easily enables swing and movement in hairstyles, so if you like loose playful looks, a razor cut will be perfect.

— Depending on the technique, scissors can cut length or weight, but not both at the same time; a razor cuts length and weight together, making it easier for stylists to tailor the shape and texture as you like it.

— A razor cut naturally creates taper, which gradually decreases weight towards the ends, which, in turn, gives styles more softness and playfulness.

— It’s a great tool to thin out unmanageably thick hair.

— Awesome at making short, messy, and shaggy hairstyles and beautiful, soft and shapely layers.

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