halloween hair color

If you’re planning on partying the Halloween weekend away, one of the best ways to amp up your style is with bright pops of hair color. Rather than a permanent tone that you may regret when normal life resumes, a great way to adopt the look is with a temporary solution. Nowadays, there’s lots of ways to color impermanently. Find five of the best in the notes.

Hair Mascara: This type of temporary color has been around since the 1990s and it’s still a great way to add brightness in all the right areas. Apply directly to your locks and the more you use, the brighter and more vivid it will be. You can also keep things subtle with a few carefully placed streaks. Hair mascara washes out with a couple of shampoos.

Hair Chalk:  A big recent trend in the beauty sphere, hair chalk allows you to add a rainbow of colors without much commitment. Simply wet your hair to get it ready for the color, separate it into sections, then run the chalk down your strands. You can use designated hair chalk or oil-based pastels from a craft store. Chalking your hair gives you a lot of control over the end result as you can tailor the placement. Hair chalk washes out in 2-4 shampoos, maybe more if hair is lightened.

Colored Hairspray: While this is a temporary technique, if you’ve lightened your hair a lot, take it easy, as it could stain. Otherwise it’s a great way add color into the mix for a night on the town. Just spray it where you want it! Washes out in 2-3 shampoos.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye: Semi-permanent hair dye has no ammonia, which means it sits on the outside of the hair cuticle like a stain. It lasts longer than hair chalk and spray, but won’t be wildly bright forever — unless you bleach your hair beforehand.

Demi-Permanent: More powerful than a semi-permanent but (surprise!) still not truly permanent. This is your best choice if you want a bold hair color and are prepared to wear it for a few weeks. Demi-permanent dyes contain some ammonia, allowing them to penetrate into the hair cuticle. It will last about 18-26 shampoos.

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