face shape

Bangs, if you have them, make up only a small part of your hairstyle. But it’s where you can accentuate cheekbones and eyes and hide any imperfections, making them a key feature of the style. They’re also on trend for fall, sure to be one of the season’s coolest looks. If you’re on this train, tailoring the fringe for your face shape is the best way to make your bangs the best. Whether your face shape is round, long, oval, square, or heart there’s tips for bespoke bangs in the notes.

Round: For round faces, go for leaner sides and height on top. Off-center partings and loose waves, cascading at eye level, will minimize roundness. Short, blunt fringes will emphasize roundness, so keep a little length and texture, and push it up and to the side.

Long: You want to create an illusion of shortening the face; a horizontal blunt bang is a great option. Typically, long face shapes best suit layered cuts, and a square, thick yet short bang provides a focal point that emphasizes ladylike features, making a surprisingly feminine look. Square, wispy, brow dusting bangs are another easy and beautifying option.

Oval: Oval-shaped faces are the lucky ones; you can wear any shape of bang and still look good. Square, choppy, long, swooping, you name it, you can do it. It also means you can be adventurous. Turn up the heat with a long, textured side-swept bang that sweeps provocatively over one eye, allowing yourself to nonchalantly brush it up and away every now and again.

Square: If the face is square, a straight-across bang, long or short, tends to cut the face in half, which is too stark. A side bang is the perfect choice. A little longer, with some wispiness, then parted to the side, creates a sexy and alluring style.

Heart: Heart-shaped faces usually end up with a bit of a pointy chin. The trick is to draw your admirers eyes upwards, to the eyes and the cheekbones. You want a bold, statement fringe. Swooping sexily to the side, or placed tantalizingly on the brow both work beautifully. A short and wispy fringe that exposes the forehead and lifts up the features is another gorgeous option.

Diamond: Suitably rare, diamond-shaped faces don’t really suit heavy square bangs; the unusual face shape doesn’t go well with such geometry. The best way to go is Bardot bangs. Parted slightly off-center, vintage ‘curtain fringes’ are a great way to maintain the silhouette of the diamond face shape while being easy to manage and control.

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